Commercial Mediation

We pride ourselves in offering other lawyers, members of the public, and companies, expert mediation because it is a flexible and confidential process.

As highly experienced mediators, we help you identify the areas of dispute and articulate these differences clearly. We then provide you with information and help to create mutually acceptable solutions. We then strive to bring about a settlement acceptable to all parties.

As your mediator, we do not make any binding decisions, we must remain neutral throughout, but use various procedures, techniques and skills to help you and the other party resolve your disputes by negotiated agreement. Our mediators are skilled lawyers who understand the law and work with it every day; this can be vital when helping you negotiate realistic and practical agreements which would stand up to scrutiny.

The use of commercial mediation has grown and the courts encourage parties to attempt to resolve disputes before pursuing litigation through the courts. This is reinforced by sometimes imposing cost penalties for the party who refuses to consider mediation.

Let us guide you through mediation and achieve the best possible outcome without the stress and mounting expenses of court action.

Mediation Team

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