Dementia Friendly

Partners and staff at Shentons have undertaken training to become ‘Dementia Friends’ as part of an initiative by The Alzheimer’s Society.

The Dementia Friends initiative provides training which aims to give an understanding of dementia and the small things we can do that can make a difference to people living with dementia.

The small things can be vital in helping people with dementia being able to access the law. Our offices have been designed to provide a calm and reassuring environment to all our visitors and to assist those also living with dementia. Our commitment is to make the law work for all of our clients and we feel that being dementia friendly is key to that commitment.


Shentons has been in Winchester, the heart of the regional community, since the mid-1800s. Community is a core part of what we do and we honour that by actively supporting community events. We have sponsored the Theatre Royal Winchester, the Winchester Hat Fair, Heritage Open Days, Art Festivals and every year we choose a regional charity to support.

As you will see from our sponsorship, we are particularly keen to support the Arts in its various forms. Our role as lawyers is to give a voice to people as they navigate the legal system; the Arts are vital in helping people articulate themselves and communicate with audiences in different ways. The Arts are also essential in expressing ideas and challenging opinions and views. A healthy society needs citizens who are adept at critical thinking and questioning, rather than blindly following, and we support initiatives that bring these elements to our community.

Financing legal services

We are proud to be members of the Armed Forces Legal Action Group scheme. This means that we offer a 15% discount on our normal fees (excluding legal aid work) for certain groups. Do contact us for details. 

We support clients who are primarily funded via Legal Aid because we believe that everyone should have access to legal advice and representation. Contact us to find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid and how it works.