Shentons History

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Shentons History

Shentons has been helping the residents and businesses in and around Winchester for at least 150 years. We have been researching our history and, with the help of The Law Society, we have traced our legal ancestry back to William Shenton. His younger brother Chalenor (sometimes spelt Shalenor) Shenton, who was a trainee solicitor in the firm of Adams, Moberly, Shenton and Faithfull. He went on to become a partner in the firm, following in the footsteps of his older brother William.

William Shenton had been a Mayor for Winchester and Chalenor Shenton was Winchester’s Mayor in 1881 and 1892. Pictures of them both hang in the Mayor’s Parlour in Winchester Guildhall. We also proudly show their photographs, as be-whiskered gentlemen with their chains of office, at our Staple Gardens office.

Chalenor was clearly a busy man, taking an active interest in local affairs. He served as honorary clerk to the Twyford Parish Council and as a Justice of the Peace. He also served 20 years as secretary to Winchester Horticultural Society and gave an impressive 22 years to being Scribe to local dignitaries.

Whilst there is no one of the name of Shenton (or even Chalenor!) at our office today, we proudly use the original name of our well-respected legal ancestors.

A time line of our history from 1870, as recorded in the Law Lists held at The Law Society library, is set out below:

Post 1905 the firm became Shenton, Pitt, Walsh and Moss and then more recently, as the various partners changed, simply Shentons, Solicitors and Mediators.

1905: Shenton, Shaloner (Qualified as a solicitor in November 1885) was at a firm called Shenton & Pain based in Winchester (there is no address). He was partners with Thomas Pain (Qualified as a solicitor in February 1899).

1900: Shenton, Shaloner was at a firm called Scotney & Shentons in Winchester. He was also partners with Shenton, William (Qualified 1869).

1895: Same as above.

1890: Same as above but also lists Scotney, Walter (Qualified November 1877) as a partner at the firm.

1886: Shenton, Chaloner and Shenton, William is based at Scotney & Shenton.

1885: Shenton, William is based at a firm called Adams & Co in Winchester.

1885: Faithfull, Frank (Qualified August 1879) was based at a firm called Adams, Moberly, Shenton & Faithfull.

1884: Shenton, William was based at a firm called Adams, Moberly, Shenton & Faithfull.

1880: Shenton, William was based at a firm called Adams, Moberly & Shenton.

1875: Shenton, William is listed in the directory of solicitors

1870: Same as above.

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