Clarendon Marathon

Shentons’ Team: Helen, Jon, Shaun, Steven

Well done to everyone involved in the Clarendon Marathon on Sunday. This is run along the ancient Clarendon Way from Salisbury to Winchester and is over 90% off road and this year it was superbly organised by the Rotary Clubs of Salisbury and Winchester. Shentons entered a team in the Relay event and (unlike on their previous outing at Hursley a couple of weeks ago) the runners experienced lovely weather. Helen Davies, Jon Whettingsteel and Shaun Underhill, all Solicitors at Shentons, were joined by Steven Arnold, a Clerk from Pump Court Barristers Chambers. The Team managed a respectable 44th place out of 55 teams, completing the course in a total of 4 hours 16 minutes.