Armed Forces Legal Action







We are proud to be members of the Armed Forces Legal Action Group scheme. This means that for those listed below we will offer a 15% discount on our normal fees (excluding legal aid work):

  • Personnel, both regular and reserve, serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces at the time that they engage the Member to provide to them any Applicable Services;
  • Those who left Her Majesty’s Armed Forces within two years of engaging the Member to provide to them Applicable Services;
  • Those individuals who have sustained serious injuries as a direct result of service in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (a lifetime entitlement);
  • Recipients of the Victoria Cross and the George Cross (a lifetime entitlement); and
  • Bereaved next of kin recipients of the Elizabeth Cross (a lifetime entitlement).

If you are eligible and would like to take advantage of this discount, please let us know when you contact us and we will apply the discount.