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Taking a vehicle without consent

Shentons recently represented a defendant who had allegedly stolen a vehicle. The prosecution believed they could prove the defendant had driven the car due to his DNA being present on the airbag which had been deployed on impact during the incident. It looked like an open and shut case however the defendant was adamant that he had not driven the car and the team at Shentons set about examining the forensic evidence in the case. With the help of a forensic scientist at trial we were able to show that the airbag had been contaminated following the crash and during the time when the police had possession of the vehicle. The defendant was acquitted.

‘Totting’ (receiving 12 points or more on your driving licence)

Shentons recently argued that due to the extreme hardship it would cause our client’s family our client should be allowed to keep their licence despite the fact he had received 12 points in a 3 year period. These arguments are not an exact science and succeeded because they were prepared and argued by our expert advocate in Court. If you are facing a potential driving ban speak to us before deciding what to do.

Drink driving

We regularly employ toxicologists to show the defendant was not over the limit at the time of driving due to absorption of alcohol. Similarly we have argued ‘special reasons’ to avoid disqualification for example where someone has driven in an emergency.

No Insurance

Shentons recently defended a man whose insurance policy had been altered, without him being notified, to exclude cover whilst driving for his work. Following our representations the case against him was dismissed and his driving licence remains clean.

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