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Shentons have been representing people in Hampshire for 200 years; we are experienced in dealing with any allegation that may have been made against you.


There can be nothing more stressful than having a loved one charged with this offence and facing life imprisonment. Shentons have strong connections with some of the most experienced barristers and Queen’s Counsel in the area who understand the level of committed representation required in such a case. Every piece of evidence must be analysed and experts instructed to consider the post-mortem results, scenes of crime evidence, CCTV, etc. Even DNA, once thought to be infallible, has now been shown to be misleading in cases of secondary transfer i.e. an innocent person’s DNA could be transferred to the clothing of the victim by the murderer.

Attempted Murder

Shentons acted for a man accused of attempting to murder his wife who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The case needed delicate presentation and analysis of the client’s psychological state at the time of the offence. He received a non-custodial sentence.

Death by Dangerous/Careless Driving

Shentons acted for a young man accused of causing an accident which led to the death of another driver. We employed the skills of a road traffic collision expert to analyse the crash scene looking at the braking distances, the area of impact and to assess whether the driving fell below the required standard. The client was eventually acquitted by the Jury.

Sexual Offences

Shentons have vast experience in dealing with both historical and recent sexual abuse. Facing a sexual offence can be a truly bewildering experience particularly when you find yourself trying to prove that something did not happen. To prove a negative is virtually impossible and sexual offences are by their very nature allegations that usually occur between two people in private. For that reason these offences take a great deal of case preparation; Shentons recently acted in a case dating back some 40 years. It involved a delicate reconstruction of a time without mobile phones, internet or other day-to-day technology. With the use of photographs and witnesses found using a detective agency we were able to piece together vital evidence to assist our client.

Drug offences

Shentons recently acted for a vulnerable woman with deep-rooted psychological problems. Her address was being used by people to deal in drugs and she found herself charged with a serious offence. In interview she had been questioned oppressively whilst she was ill and highly suggestible. With the assistance of one of our expert psychologists we managed to have the case against her thrown out of Court.

Theft and Fraud

A member of the Shentons team acted for a bookkeeper accused of stealing thousands of pounds from her employer. The case involved forensic analysis of records dating back 11 years by an expert accountant. It took months of combing through documents and taking witness statements from others who were employed at the business before the truth was uncovered. The company owner had in fact been embezzling funds in a sophisticated example of tax evasion. He had sought to shift blame onto his bookkeeper who would have faced a custodial sentence. Following the forensic analysis conducted in her defence; the case was dropped before trial.

Benefit Fraud

Cases of benefit fraud are extremely complex and many people fall foul of the legislation without realising they have done so. Shentons recently acted for a man in his early 70’s who was recovering from cancer. He had misunderstood the benefits application form with regard to whether an investment bond would constitute ‘savings’. Shentons were able to take the stress out of the case for him and negotiate a fine which could otherwise have attracted a custodial sentence.


Our client found himself accused of fly-tipping when he had in fact been the victim of a scam by disreputable builders who had assured him they would dispose of the waste at a commercial site. Shentons represented and advised the client ensuring that the true facts were known and the prosecution did not proceed.

Criminal Damage

Many consider this to be a relatively minor crime but for our client (who had never faced any kind of allegation before) it was a very serious case indeed. He had been accused of damaging an ambulance by hitting the vehicle with the side of his car door. Shentons employed a collision expert to perform a reconstruction of the incident and found that it was physically impossible for the damage to have been caused in this way. Due to the curvature of the client’s door, it could not have come in to contact with the ambulance at the height of the alleged dent. The Crown reviewed our evidence and dropped the case before trial.

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