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The Majority Of All Online and Do-It-Yourself Wills Are Invalid?

Elisabeth PollardIt’s true according to Wills & Probate partner Elisabeth Pollard:

“We all know that we should make a Will to protect our ourselves and our loved ones. However, many people think they are doing the smart thing by using one of the online will services or buying a kit from W.H.Smiths’.

Unfortunately, in the majority of the cases I see where people have used one of these methods, the resulting document is either incorrectly executed, which makes it immediately null and void, or the terms are so vague as to be open to interpretation and therefore likely to cause a dispute.

This is such a shame because these people have recognised their responsibility to their family and have tried to do something about it. But the result is that the money does not end up going to where you want it to, or your inheritance is eaten up in legal fees over a dispute.

So it’s imperative that you not only make a Will but make sure it correctly expresses your wishes and is properly executed.

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Simon Cull LL.B

Senior Solicitor

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Simon qualified as a solicitor in 1986 and specialises in all aspects of company commercial and commercial property work.

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