Commercial Business Set-Up

We help you establish your business on firm foundations.

Our highly experienced lawyers know all too well that when it comes to setting up a business, prevention is better than cure. Seeking legal advice at the beginning of your company’s journey can mitigate potential issues, saving you money, time and hassle later on.

We always take the time to understand your business and identify possible future legal problems. We then advise you on how to make the law work for your business and create those solutions for you.

Whether it’s a partnership agreement, a shareholders’ agreement, joint venture agreements, licensing or franchising, we can make sure you have the correct documentation in place that sets your business up the way you need it to be.

We can help you make sure you have the right contracts with suppliers, distributors, employees and contractors. We can advise on the Terms and Conditions that you will need to use when trading with your customers. We can give you advice on your legal responsibilities as a business so you know what insurance cover you need to arrange for your business.
Let us make the law work for you.

Business Set-up Team

Lucy Spollin, Partner
Patrick Hunter, Solicitor
Mary Torrance, Legal Secretary
Sue Wheeler, Legal Secretary

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